Somebody Broke her iPhone at School ,Phone Stopped working

Somebody Broke her iPhone at School ,Phone Stopped working 😱 #shorts #iphone14 #apple #ios #iphone

#Broke #iPhone #School #Phone #Stopped #working



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  1. Why would he have his phone out anyway, especially in school

  2. “He threw it up and it basically fell” me: well no fucking shit

  3. Do you ask people if they want to get recoded first like what if somebody doesn’t wanna get recorded

  4. Hi my anme dhia, i live in malaysia, my phone is asus brand and it very old, idk like 7 years old… My dad bought past 7 years, when i was 4 years old? The phone was never reset and they have account problem, so my sister reset everything n make new account, but yesterday i charge my phone and when i opened it it have black hole like black screen at my phone and have a white strike, it really creepy, and my battery blow up like pregnant! Idk what happen to my phone… I thing its time to me to change to the new phone i wonder if i can buy new Ipad?

  5. Why was there no case like if you go to school you got to expect things to happen like this so it’s more of her or her moms fault

  6. Somebody: my house got burned down can u help me fix it?

    MTW: Don't worry, I gotchu

  7. Tdd sf gr ey6 tree wet try teet6 te rrrrryuyrtyyryyt568955tt uth gtyh te fjcy and duct

  8. Bro if someone threw my phone in the air at school I would get them on the ground an start tackling them

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