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This is the sound of the shaver Do I need to shave a little bit now? This is good, guys Yo yo yo, what's up, guys

Welcome back to Best Indo Tech Channel With me Malvin And today, we are back with another episode of 5 Gadget of Xiaomi which you didn't know There are boxes right in front of me It was sent by Banggoodcom but, I also bought some too there So, let's get started open these There are a total of 5 boxes + 1 plastic that we are going to unbox it today Without further ado, let's started with this video Let's go Subs by: @Whitchai Okay guys, so

Yes, this is a continuation from the last episode Unboxing Xiaomi's products which is the most crowded Thank you so much for your support So make sure to like this video Because the more you like this video, I will be producing more videos 5 Gadgets about Xiaomi which you didn't know And also write the comments below Which one do you really want? Maybe I could make giveaways

Alright, the first is I will clean this up first Let see this one by one If you didn't see it, I will give you a short look for the meantime I will put this below Let's unbox this package from the Banggood itself, guys

We' re going to unbox this with our beloved karambit knife Banggood sent me a t-shirt So let's check this shirt, guys Where to open it? Why do I need to find the opener, when I got a knife on my hand Tadaaa The shirt is just like this on the front part The back part has writings of Banggood on it

The back part is cool Nice The size of this shirt Let's check It's a 3XL

I, myself just wearing the size M or L But this size is 3XL Let's try this on now 1,2, and 3 The shirt fits well The quality of this shirt is comfortable and soft And yes

Thank you Banggood And today it's their anniversary That's why they sent this shirt to me But anyway goes into the main session Let's open this box first This is a wireless charger from Yeelight If you familiar with this Yeelight itself is Yeelight is a producer of RGB lights If you see the lights at the back here

If the triangle one at the back, it's called Nanoleaf Every time, I make videos there is someone asking that Just check, it's called Nanoleaf Okay, let's open Back of the Yeelight box, it says

There are 5v and 2A And also 9v and 2A This is a wireless light charger It's compatible with the phone that has wireless charging Ok, this is the looks on the inside So first, there is the manual book The cable is using Micro USB And here's the product

It turns out that this is small The triangle thing is sort of light If we stick to it, it will turn on by itself This is the below part of the light Or should I say the charging dock This is for wireless charging

Ok There is the Micro USB port on the left side of the charging dock, guys Let's try plugging it in I am so terrified that I never tried this Let's see this together

The first thing is, I will stick it The lights are still charging I am going to try put my iPhone XR I am going to try the wireless charging onto this phone Okay, it works If we see it closer If we take it off, it will not charge and vice versa It will charge immediately

Nice We are going to find out how to turn on this lamp I am going to check first in the manual book And it's all stated it in the Mandarin language Banggood itself is e-commerce from China

So, if you want to find or buy Xiaomi's newest updated products that haven't released yet on Indonesia You could buy it in China But there is a rule of limitation on purchasing overseas products only up to $70 For the price of Yeelight wireless charging with Led Lamp is around $30 = Rp 418000 And there is going to have coupons code And all of the products that we are going to unboxing it today And the links on the description column+ the discount code Just check it there, guys Okay I am so confused that it doesn't turn on There is a button on the lamp, guys Let's turn it on

And the light is on The lamps have two colors There are 3 modes of lamps This lamp's functions will accompany you as a bedside lamp There is some type of people who likes to have their lights dim while they are sleeping

This is gonna be a good alternative OkayYes That's all for the first item Yeelight wireless charging + (I don't know what's this) Sleep lamp or Led lamp

If you want to check the product more detailjust check on the links below Let's move onto the next item Continue again with the second item, guys This is a shaver

It's the product from Xiaomi Maybe some of you, friends had probably checked the IG Story of Best Indo Tech before If you haven't followed IG, make sure to follow the Instagram of Best Indo Tech I love to wear their shaver Because the build quality is best and the prices are affordable

And it could rechargeable It recharges using USB Type C cable I don't know if this one I bought this to be used on travel, guys Let's just open it

There are some icons on the back of the box The first is a water icon Which means it's waterproof The battery said there is 5 hours or something 120 days and it used USB Probably, I will be using google translate for translating this below section Ok, let's started opening this

I have ever discussed two versions of this The first model is the thin version and it's comfortable to put in the travel bag There is a small version of the shaver It's called Zhibai If you check it on Tokopedia, many of them sell this I got this on Banggood

And the price is quite affordable It's around $30 and didn't reach around Rp 500000 If you check the brands such as Phillips Almost reached Rp 1

000000++ Okay, so here we go If we see the products first

We are also given some kind of dock on the bottom part here The possible way to charge this thing is without using USB I check the cable first It could be open from the bottom Let's open this from the bottom Oh and yes it charges using a USB

There should be a stand, guys And also, we are given this brush For clearing your beard Let's see the shaver here This is made of plastic The finishing is neat

And I just have noticed this It says " Power by Remington Remington is a producer of mostly hand dryer products But I don't know that Remington also produce shaver products too I had the same thing like this but the brand is by Phillips The prices are really expensive Xiaomi had made it like this and the prices are affordable You could charge this using a power bank if you need or if you are using this

Just by sticking it below The model is like a charging dock and it needs to be stood It's like this Let's head back to the front part There's a button for turning on

This is the sound of the shaver Do I need to shave a little bit now? This is good I felt this is more gripping than the Phillip ones in my home And it's thicker When the shaver sticks here, it feels best For opening this

I don't know it Because there is no button shown here Oh, there is a button on the back to open it Oh, it looks like this when you open it That's it for the bigger version of the shaver made by Mijia It collaborates with Remington

It's pretty good actually For me In terms of the design, built quality is good rather than the Phillips one in my home Just check the links below Let's continue with the next item Alright, let's continue with the next item

This is a desk lamp Probably some of you had already seen the gadget of the month on June edition Back to School I share a bit of desk lamp and it's already a long time ago, guys It's by Xiaomi from 2017 It's already two years ago

This is the newest version Not need to plug it on to the socket but what i know is by just using a USB cable It has the battery 2000 mAh The packaging looks really cute Ok, we got ourselves a lamp, manual paper, and cable here The cable is Micro USB

There is a mandarin writing which I don't really understand There is a touch sensor right here We could tilt the lamp upward or downward The quality is goodand it's similar to the ones that we discussed on the Gadget of the month

This is metal It's weighted and there is rubber down here to make it not slip easily Okay, let's plug the power bank in There is a lamp on the sensor part Let's press it now

It looks like it's a button, not a touch sensor here Just press the button If you hold the button, it will change its mode There are 3 kinds of lamp modes The first one it's like this

The second is dimmer, it's similar to Yeelight before And lastly the third The medium one And this is a desk lamp/ study lamp without plugging into the socket like the previously But in my opinion, it's not really that smart

It could not be controlled using our own phones but the previous one can How much is the price, guys? When I checked it It's around $34 = Rp 474000 It's around Rp 400000 like the previous products This is cheaper than the previous lamps But it includes battery inside So you don't need to plug it into the socket The difference is that this lamp is not smart

The thing is, it's just a lamp anyway that provides 3 kinds of modes and it's simple There is the torch, full and the maximum That's it for the third item Xiaomi table LED Lamp We press once, it will turn off immediately Let's continue with the next item

We got the fan here And again, we love the discuss fan The situation in the office/ studio of Best Indo tech always blackout, guys So, I could only rely on this fan There is a bottle And

So back again, I could only rely on this fan This is the previous episode Make sure to watch it because there is a portable fan which I think It's really antique and It could spin on its own and also portable Okay, so this is it This is a Bladeless fan

Or a fan without propeller and + they also got this Humidifier Where you could filled its water in here So, it's using USB cable, guys So, you don't need to plug it on socket Let's plug it into the power bank And let's see what's happening

The first video of Best Indo Tech circa around two years ago I discussed the Maspion fan The shape is a bladeless fan that is similar to the popular brands there Let's try to see this Ok, so there's a light inside the fan It only provides the orange lamp on the inside + There are two kinds of buttons here one is the fan button

and the other one is the turn on/off the fan The fan provides you with 3 kinds of speed mode So the first mode is a slow speed It follows the medium and the fastest one How to give the example here Here's the tissue, guys

I say that the power is okay It's suitable to be used on the desk towards one person But for the whole room, I think it's not recommended because the size is small So, there is a water reservoir down here This is by Xiaomi

It sells on Mijia Store around China in Online shop at Xiaomi It's called Nice Sugar This is one of the ecosystems There are no smart features but just this one Fan, lamp and a humidifier

You need to fill its water in here For the price, this is really affordable It's around $20 =Rp 278000 There is a discount code

Okay, let's continue with the next item And the last item is This huge box What do you think is it, guys? If we see it on the front Probably it looks like a broom Yes, this is a broom But this is the futuristic broom This broom has its own technology and it's awesome

Ok, so Here we go, the first is This is the mop, guys It's so small as a cotton bud And then

1 pack full sets of brooms If you see the real picture It looks like this This is a broom, guys So what's down here it's a vacuum cleaner It could spin like the ones with a vacuum robot that we have already discussed to you all before The propeller is going to spin And it includes the battery inside

Move the dust on the outside and it goes into the middle and sucks it on the inside There is the button and if we press it, immediately will turn on If we press it It sweeps in this area, guys This area is where you could place your mop here This is what I see from the video I am so curious and can't wait to try it

And this is the charger It used USB Type C This is a modern one Just plug the cables on the back part There it is

There is a battery capacity of 2000 mAh And wheels down here to make you sweep well This is suitable for those who aren't familiar with robot vacuum The vacuum cleaner's price which is really expensive I say the price is quite affordable It's around $57 = Rp 794

000 You could do both sweep and mop with this thing This is for the handle of the vacuum cleanerand just combined it So it turn to be similar like a broom

You just need to walk and don't have to be truly sweeping But in my opinion, that truly sweeping is cleaner than this Especially, my mom sweeps really clean Vacuum cleaner sweeper Btw it's hard to pronounce its name If you had already finished using it

It will actually open by just pressing this button here And the dust will go here Alright so That's all for the fifth item here Vacuum cleaner+ sweeper that cost u $50 just check the links and the discount code below there That's all and Thank you so much guys, for watching this

I am going to carry all of these to this desk So, this is it That's all for the unboxing of 5 products of Xiaomi which you didn't know There are lamps, fan, shaver and a vacuum cleaner Hopefully, this video is useful and helpful

And gain some information about Xiaomi gadget that you didn't know If you want to check more full details about the Infos Just head to the link descriptions I bought all of these at Banggoodcom And yes, If you have critics and suggestion Just write it in the comment section below Don't forget to subscribe to Best Indo Tech channel

Turn on the notifications to know the next update about 5 gadgets of Xiaomi which you didn't know yet Alright, my name is Malvin I will see you guys on my next video Ciao

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