The Weirdest Gadgets At IFA 2019


– There's some pretty strange stuff here at IFA There's a whole hall dedicated to emerging technology, where there are holograms and VR rigs, scooters and robots–you name it

(upbeat music) We saw everything from Segway's Drift shoes on a mini track, a pet fitness robot that launches treats and encourages cats to chase it There was the Drinkshift smart beer fridge that automatically refills when you run out You can count on the French to invent a wine scanner that can ID the wine you're drinking just by dipping the gadget in it It also recommends similar ones you might like We also saw some funky health tech like the Viseiro Seat Cushion

It basically measures your heart rate and breathing rate through your butt And how about the Russian startup Muffin Computer that makes a case to keep your smartphone warm in the really cold Siberian winter But it's not just startups that did strange stuff Panasonic decided to demo its powerful new Water Pik with plates that look like they had floral patterns on them, but when you looked closely the flowers were teeth Because, why not

So, stay weird IFA

Source: Youtube