Tesla Model S Plaid achieves record 216 mph top speed

Tesla Model S Plaid achieves record 216 mph top speed

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Tesla Model S Plaid achieves record 216 mph (350 km/h) top speed. Check out for more info: …


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  1. Why te long faces. Tesla limetit the speed brceause of the tyres so we already know the car can do more then 230 mph en when the tyres updes comes that they wil set de speed on 200 mph voor de plaid.
    Tesla hase comunciate this himself so ?

  2. As with ICE vehicles, electric cars are too often sold with power & ego in mind, not efficiency (energy is still limited and ugly "green" wind turbines taking over open space won't fix that). This general attitude is unsurprising, given people's tendency toward gluttony. Apes will take whatever they can grab and frugality is lost on most.

  3. Daaaaammmnn, there a lot more impressive stuff in that video beyond just the top speed!
    I don't wanna do it, but I think I gotta do the math.
    I hope CAN data was logged and can be shared! Please ask Ingenext for me!

  4. At what point does this car not go airborne without any spoiler, diffuser, ground effects? How does the car stay planted when it is clearly pushed beyond it's design limits?

  5. Elon would probably say: Told you, the fun police made it slower.

  6. 4:40 the reason they probably limited the top speed is they are cautious about safety because Tesla's number 1 priority is safety and to make it safer they will need better brakes and proper tires to handle such speeds because the model S plaid is really heavy

  7. I love Tesla! Here's a software update…your car is now MORE insane than before!

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