Raspberry Pi Pico W (micropython wifi web server test)

Raspberry Pi Pico W (micropython wifi web server test)

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M first Raspberry Pi Pico W and micropython test. A webserver turning the built in LED on and off.

0. Get the Raspberry Pi Pico W. I got mine from pi3g.com (not affiliated)
1. Download micropython firmware from
2. Drop on…


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  1. Without any Clou if possible but attaching a tiny display and showing energy consumption and production from a Smarthome server like home assistant or Solaranzeige de

  2. Once I get one of these I'm going to try making a digital photo frame with an E-ink display and use the wireless to host the webserver that allows me to change the photo from there

  3. There should be esphome support available soon, too (if not already there) 🙂

  4. Make a wireless midi transmitter/reciver. One end for A USB midi keyboard and 1 or more ends for midi instruments.

  5. build two ping micro battle bots. one with the pico w and the other with esp32 … and have them ping each other to death and see who stands up

  6. Wouldn't be a bitluni video without a fake laugh "haha" "hoo hoo" "hee hee"..

  7. I want to try a remote current sensing device that publishes to a mqtt topic when current is detected. 🙂

  8. i also bought two of them as soon as i knew that they existed, but they have not arived yet.

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