Kitchen Gadget Testing #47 – special 3


– Fudge! Ah! Ooh! Here a big bulb oh my god it's (laughs) We're gonna chop Why are you so alive, why? (clatters) (fanfare) Hello everybody, I hope you're well Welcome to another kitchen gadget testing video

If you've missed any others so far, have a Barrython at the end of this video and check out the rest of them Today I think is our third wishcom special Now I normally say at the front of these videos please be aware before commenting down below that some gadgets can help people with disabilities in fact change their lives and help them cook Today I'm not so sure

Yeah today this is a package sent from one of you guys Rachel Evans, thank you so much for getting in touch probably months ago now and asking for my PO box address Well I did my real address so good thing she didn't turn up at my house and hand deliver them But she sent me some actual wishcom gadgets herself for me to try and work out what they are

So I've looked at them and had a little idea Some of them are quite obvious, but others I'm having a guess So that's them but then there was also this one on there, which must be available on wishcom as well The rapid pizza reheater and that, my friends, is what we're gonna start with

We're gonna actually cook a pizza, let it cool down during this video to reheat at the end of it using this thing Okay my oven is preheating I've gone for one of those like generic deep pan, straight from the fridge section of the supermarket pizzas right here on a tray So once it's ready, it's going in The oven needs to be super hot

So I've got a little bit of time to look at this one first of all And we'll probably need the oven for that I think Now I really wasn't sure what this was when I first looked at it I think it's at first maybe like a jelly mould or something like that? You know you could pour jelly in that and have kind of like a sort of shell vibe going on? But it is, despite feeling a little flimsy, still a baking material So it's definitely something to be baked

You could maybe make a cake out of it actually and turn upside down But I think, and I've seen these before, something similar anyway where you can like turn it into like a tattoo? A taco thing, taco holder, taco bowl, taco fish? Let me explain My theory is that we, I don't know whether I need to oil drench it or warm it at first It's quite flimsy, but I feel like you just kind of stick, eh, look! How easy was that? (laughs) It's kind of just wrapped around it I think I'm gonna bake this with my pizza

I think this is what it does There's a hack you can do actually with a muffin tray where you turn it upside down But I don't wanna taco 'bout that too much It's all about this! Taco starfish? (gasps) Oh it's ready! Good timing, our pizza's going in And then also this random tray thing

Maybe that should go in the middle shelf, but hey ho So I've got some, uh! I did have some garlic here a big bulb oh my god, it's alive! Uh I'm gonna chop, why are you so alive? (laughs) I'm gonna try and get the skin off of it Okay, let's splat it straight down This is what I don't like about it already though I mean I guess I could have done this more neatly

You've seen me do the shakey up thing before Yeah, I mean, I should have definitely (laughs) peeled it properly 'cause now I stink (in funny voice) Smell fingers, smell 'em (in normal voice) But what I think we do, let's just carry on with it We push the garlic into the little bucket, reservoir, holder thing, the holster, the garlic holster, I like that

And then this goes over the top Oh dear! Let's lock it in first Let's get it over out the way of the grater and then hopefully, oh good god! Ain't working! (laughing) Maybe I've got too much in there Let's just put like this is still quite a big clove of garlic So let's just go for half of one, put that in there, and now try it

(gasps) It's all gone through So this time I'll like half fill it Ah see that really wants to bend, that thing! I feel like I'm fishing for garlic! But that's working, that is! I feel a little bit like I'm putting my finger very close to that blade I feel like I could cut it Don't wanna really do that out of choice

But that is, it's raining garlic! Instead of raining men, it's raining garlic (gasps) Oh my gosh, better check on the taco thing I don't think it's gonna need that long Oh my gosh! Yes, yes, it's burnt Ha ha ha ha ha! (laughs) Pizza still needs to go though

Smells amazing actually it's only the smell of the pizza that made me remind about this Think it's worked though Okay, so these next ones, I looked at them through the packaging like this and I still, I'm not sure what they do I had a feeling that it might be a way of pouring batter out or something for cake mix Oh that's quite sharp actually

But they're just like bottle lids And are they all the same size? Yes, they're all pretty much the same size So I don't know if someone's just like sawing off bottle lids and selling them on wishcom So I was thinking maybe you put these on top of like a ketchup bottle and it helps you top 'em out or something like that

But I think it's for your fizzy drink So I got a can of this rhubarb-flavored fizzy drink that I quite like at the moment So I'm gonna see Let's see if it fits on Come on, ooh! There you go! 'Cause I've seen something similar to like this before that actually covers like half the can

So maybe they, oh look at that! It turned into a milk bottle! Oh it's not coming off either It's really not coming off (pops) Ooh! Okay, so here's my theory You open your drink (cracking) Yeah, that's all right

I just brushed my teeth so it's a bit minty You then go right I'm gonna stick this on Now you should be able to sort of go, "Hey, I want my drink," take my lid off and then That actually came through and I realised that I didn't wash this I normally wash every gadget

That tastes like a factory But really for the ultimate test (laughs) That works a charm! Oh my gosh it's just started Did I get any on me? It's just starting to dribble out now I was so lucky

If that drenched me, I probably would get good footage, but I would've been drenched and stunk of sticky rhubarb for the rest of my day But that's I guess what they do! Pretty good on a picnic maybe Don't tip it over your head But if you're at the beach or something like that and you're like I don't wanna sand in my drink You put your lid on it

Probably keeps a bit more fizz in it as well That's pretty cool! All right, you probably cooled down now We'll come back to you in a minute But this pizza I've just looked ah! It is smoky, but it is done! In fact, it's probably got a really nice, authentic, smoky char from the burnt taco bowl So I'm gonna shove that there

Look at that I am so hungry right now! (laughs) I just can't believe that we baked this pizza (sniffs) I'm like Chloe, I love peperoni pizza I've just got to literally leave it to cool down! I don't know if I can do it! Can I just have a little bit? Nope, I'm gonna stay strong I'm putting it out the way on the side there

I'll get to eat it later anyway, just don't know if it's ever the same, do you? Hmm, we'll find out But this thing over here, let's have a look now Oh it's cooled down very quickly I can hold it like that! It's actually really nice to grip That'd be quite nice to have a glass wouldn't it like that? But then look it's coming out anyway

So obviously you wouldn't probably burn it quite so much as me You kind of want it more that colour It's sturdyish, you could put your filling in it, put your guac and all that (crunch) bit crunchy (laughs) Keep your eye on it, but that could be a really cool way to serve your mates some food Nice one, Rachel! This is good so far! All right when it comes to these, I'm actually in a good place because I think I have some upstairs that are in a much more glossy box, different colours

I mean it literally is bare brass tax here It kind of good eyebrows, hello! (laughs) I'm a McDonald's sign! I am a real American! Yeah, it definitely is the same thing 'cause it's got like the nonslip base So have a little think for a minute Hello, look! (laughs) (in funny voice) Have a think! (in normal voice) What do you think these could be for? Hmm I'm gonna wash them while you think We'll speed this bit up

(upbeat music) Any idea yet? Basically I feel like in the world of eating food, there are two types of people There's people that like your plate of food, that's like me, where you mush it all together Say you've got a roast dinner where you got fish and chips or any sort of dinner You mush the chips together, you mush the pea and you just kinda have a fork and you'll eat it There are other people that exist, you might be one of them, that's okay, that actually likes to have individually portioned sections

And "I don't want that touching that! "How dare it! "I want it to wait and meet in my stomach!" You know? That's what this is for I don't get it either To demonstrate this, I've got some mixed vegetables that I'm just gonna quickly microwave (beeping) Okay, so whilst that's cooking away, this is how it works I'm probably just gonna need, maybe I'll use two actually

They're supposed to be like nonslip So look, we'll stick it on there And look that (laughing) isn't actually moving So you've got, you're starting to divide up your plate You're becoming like an architect

So you can put one sort of like here So then you created four little pockets of your plate, if that you're that fussy about it You can have your potatoes, your sauce, your veg, and your meat all in different areas and then combine them together one by one Why? I mean you might say it's targeted at kids These are some smoked honey mackerel fillets

You can eat them from, like this But these are actually really, really nice in a salad But say you're one of those people and you're like, "Oh, I don't want the fish touching the vegetables!" You put your fish in there, right? You wait for your veg (taps) (beeping) Woo, steamy! The vegetables can go right in there like that There we go, ah, that is hot! That is hot! So there you go, you can be your fussy eater

And eat a really hot carrot and then eat your fish separately I just didn't do that, did I? I don't understand this I don't get it I've got an idea I'm never gonna need these again

And this plate's got a bit of a crack on it We were gonna chuck it out the other day So it will be thrown out There's one way to test the divisiveness, divisiveness of these with these The pugs have just gone absolutely berserk 'cause they can see that I've got some dog food

I'll put a little bit there and a little bit there Stay Go! Go! Oy, go on Boston, go! Oh Amy, you stepped over, go Boston, go! Go! Go on, there you go, go on boy! There you go, right It's like Hungry Hippos! Oh Boston's taken over (laughs) All right this is not working

You enjoy that guys (clattering) All right, this next one is actually very self-explanatory It's called a cap gun I saw it on like a geeky website potentially for a Christmas for me from Mrs Barry

I was like oh I'd love that But here we go, we've got one And it is so lightweight! It's got a little trigger on it And I think actually these are the screw cap ones Ooh, I just don't know how it works

So it's gonna fire out of there Is it gonna go miles? It must go in here like that That looks like it's gonna have some power if I just pull it back and go (click) It works Is this bit supposed to be a bottle opener as well? Let's find out

No! (giggles) Ooh! Yes, yes it is! And then it's in there, wow, okay! And then I can't pull the trigger but then I can go Oh no, I've actually broken it! It won't push back Oh my gosh! Well, I actually had another one of these upstairs anyway Let's double check This one's got instructions

(whispering) It's my own one Yeah, look, I've just got this from upstairs Open bottle, yes you can, and then launch cap Oh I did it the right way Shoots over five metres! (laughs) So we can open the bottle with it

Look, this is exactly the same model So you use this bit just as your leverage for opening there and the bottle cap firing thing is basically just this, pulling that back in there, which is still fun So should I see if I can hit Senor Bean? (click, clattering) Needs more work Congratulations, you didn't make the team Novelty, but pants

Okay this thing arrived from Rachel and yeah I've kind of done something similar to this years ago, but this looks like a much more cheaper, budgety version thing Basically you can turn bread into a bear Bear with me, because this could be rubbish But I love it because we've got instructions Wow, that is sharp! (laughs) And it's not even in the package! It's like there you go! We'll just shove that in with it anyway

I don't think you're bready for this gadget ♪ I don't think you're bready for this ♪ No, so that goes on there like that And then we push down a little bit Oh, okay, yeah, yeah, we push down So you can start to see the shape of it

Ah, okay, so we've got our shape there like that And then I've got to line it up again No, you (laughs) That of all the things they could have chosen to put, they put the gadget is yellow as we see But inside it, I was like, oh yes, that's the second part That's just some weird omelette thing

Why couldn't you put some other colour thing in there? Like this! We haven't got any Nutella in the house! (gasps) But we got Jim Jams I saw that in the supermarket today It was 50p more than Nutella, believe it or not But I liked it 'cause it's like Jim Jams reminds me of pyjamas So I feel like we're gonna put some pyjamas in my bread

Oh, 83% less sugar than Nutella, which means there's only about a tonne of sugar in there I've already made an indentation for it There's no point making another one, is there? I'm gonna load the Nutellay stuff on So we put the other piece of bread on top And we go like this straight down

Ugh, and this should pinch the bread together So if I just hold it down in place There we go (laughs) Does feel like a bit of a waste of bread though, doesn't it? Ah (laughs)! The eyes have pierced it, look at that! Oh no, your eyes fell, didn't it? Tastes good though I think maybe it was too highly raised or something

I'll make sure I actually line it up right now I don't know, I don't know if this working, you know? (upbeat music) Oh! There it is! (laughs) Let's just try and finish that off a little bit Maybe I pressed down a little bit too hard Yeah (laughs) Right, let's toast it

Look (laughs) it looks really sinister! Come on, yeah, that'll do (laughs) Look! (laughs) It looks like he's been sun burnt! (laughing) I mean the other one that I had was way better than that It looks a bit like Father Christmas It was way better 'cause it was all flush And see this has got the curves on it from the mould

(laughing) I've just spotted rather than toasting it, you could actually just have it as a face If you've got some pink and black food dye Now I'm no expert, but this is probably one of the best kitchens to be in if you some pink and black food dye I've got more than that I've got pink, red, black, and violet

(laughs) So let's just make one more because Father Christmas is well looking all right, isn't he? (upbeat music) (laughs) All right, let's decorate it (upbeat music) Oh my gosh, that's the pink one! That looks more red, doesn't it? That just looks really evil! (laughs) Oh, should be in the Batman film or something Yeah, I don't think this is helping Yeah (laughs) that looks blooming sinister, doesn't it? What the heck! All right, let's forget about that (laughs) Okay, so before we use the rapid pizza reheater, that pizza back there is now the most congealed thing I've ever seen, but hopefully we can make it work

This thing came in a box as well and that's it, yeah It's like it's basically a needle Look at this, oh wow, that is sharp! It's a needle with holes in it Now I would not even know where to go with this Maybe a spiralizer? And that must go in there

Why didn't they just stick that together? Oh yeah, 'cause it wouldn't fit in the box, oh yeah But apparently this we can make curls out of vegetables and things so let's curl a courgette Yeah, I mean I've also got a carrot as well, but the courgette is a slightly more softer tender vegetable that I want to sort of start on (chopping) So I'm gonna get some I don't know if I needed to do that, but I'm gonna start with it

I'm gonna get some flat edges and apparently, we insert the needle in This feels like an operation! That's fairly secure and then we twist Look at that! (laughs) What the heck is going on? It's going through the courgette I actually have no idea where it's going now It's in there, I can feel it running down my fingers

It's gonna come out this side (laughs) What do I do, do I just keep going? Or do I (laughs)? Come on, oh no, oh no, no, no Oh, it's like (gasps) it's like ripping it open like it's had a baby! Look at this! Amy! Amy just knocked the camera! What are you doing? You're eating courgette You're literally eating courgette I just ripped off can you see the thread? I'm sort of opening it up and revealing like a baby

Look at that! I've done it wrong, but I've done it so right! Look (laughs) I've got a spring of courgette! (laughs) That's kinda like funky chunky spiralizes I mean this broke off So we really need to get that in there No that comes off quite easy, damn So let's try it with a carrot

(chops) Straight in the middle (laughing) It's like you're sort of core drilling I wonder if I don't go so far Look at this! Why, is it just for like food presentation? It's stuck again! There we go (laughs) That's actually really cool! It looks like some Cheeto crisps, doesn't it? I'm dropping vegetables everywhere

Hi, do you like my earrings? Do you wanna dance with me? It's pretty cool! Stay All right, I can't stand the smell any longer despite it being congealed, it's time to reheat (in silly voice) Oh mommy, we know how to rehydrate a pizza (in normal voice) Reheat, is it upside down? Yes, reheat our pizza See look at the cheese

It's all boring and congealed and firm now, not the gooiness that it was Now, I've just had a little look at the box and my hack that I normally do is if you put a slice of leftover pizza right? You wanna have a bit in your breakfast in the morning Little glass of water in the microwave with it It steams it and it actually makes it taste so good This Oh wow! (laughs) That is an American slice of pizza right there! This has got a spaceship kind of vibe about it actually as well

We're gonna wash it, but you have a water fill line So we're gonna steam it That's what this does, so I'm very confident this'll work I'm gonna wash it (snaps) okay It's done and there should be it says a water fill line

Now I don't know 'cause there's these grooves It's kind of, can you see that's raised? Where the water sits in there But then the pizza would flop back in there Hmm, maybe the box will help (in American accent) Reheat perfect pizza in the microwave

No more soggy pizza (in regular accent) No more soggy pizza, but it's sat in water, hmm Fill water to the water line Ah, so maybe it's up to there Should we go with that? Yeah

(upbeat music) So we add the water to the fill line, of which there is no fill line (laughs) which kinda defeats the point It just says no soggy pizza and you're gonna like potentially dip the crust Oh gosh, look that is actually sat in the water That ain't gonna work surely The box doesn't actually tell you where the fill line

All they're doing is they're pouring water into that half Hang on a sec, I've got wet pizza! Look at that! I'm gonna empty it a little bit Well actually make that all of it (laughs) I'm just gonna put 'cause I normally half fill a glass of water so it's a fair bit, but just enough to cover this bottom Pizza back in then

I'll just wedge it in That crust is sat in water Oh, I don't care So that's in there (beeping) for one minute So what normally happens is like I said, I put a glass of water in there with it

The heat of the microwave steams it which actually sort of cooks through the whole of the pizza You're not just sort of going for the whole centre of it You're kind of moistening it as well It could work (beeping) Oh, it smells so good

(sizzling) Oh wow! Oh wow! So I can hold it by these wings Most of the water is still in there (laughs) The bottom of it, the bottom of it is literally sat in it But, it might have worked Ah! (laughs) Okay because I couldn't see the water fill level, maybe I added too much, but you got that sort of softness of the pizza again

It's back and it fees all moist on here The cheese is a little tacky It's not fudge! Ah, yeah, I mean which would you (laughs) Which would you rather eat? Can you see the difference there? Not so much, that's dead, this is slightly more alive, slightly more moistened It's gonna be red hot

This crust is so hot, ah! (chewing) Oh! I mean I don't really care! It's just good pizza! It doesn't taste as freshly baked The crust is definitely wet If you've got one of these, don't fill it all the way up like that Hopefully you've got some better instructions Yeah there are none in there

But don't worry, they also make the rapid rice cooker, the rapid oatmeal cooker, gonna have to get that one, aren't we? And the rapid ramen cooker Look out for those on future videos Ah, mm! There we go, another kitchen gadget testing video in the bag! Don't forget to have a Barrython now Go back to the watch number one from the start It lasts for days, but you guys love it

Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already for two videos a week and lots of food fun extravaganza! And just like Rachel, if you've seen any cool gadgets, maybe some old-school vintage ones, and you want to send them to me, do get in touch because of course I need about a billion more upstairs in my house, don't I? There we go, goodbye guys, goodbye! ♪ Check your level player no matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchen's for me ♪ ♪ Sideburns, moustache, goatee, maybe all three ♪ (upbeat music) Keep 'em closed Daddy's made you a teddy bear Look, look, look, look, look! – (gasps) What is that? – (laughs) It's a teddy bear! Father Christmas – What is it? – Bread! (laughs) Is that all right? – Mm-hmm – You've sussed this out

– Yeah, you just have to push it back – I did push it back When it clicks in – Yeah – Mr

Teddy Bear's watching! – (laugh) Mr Teddy Bear now with one ear! All right go on in – Then you place it in like that and then what you do It doesn't fall out, see, 'cause it's magnetic Smart and you just go (click) Where's it gone? – Well this is more dangerous than a water pistol, isn't it? First person shooter

(mimics gunfire) All right, here we go, Boston out the way, strafe, mate, strafe (clicking) That's cool!

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