Kitchen Gadget Testing #46


(gasping) (upbeat music) (clattering) (banging) (whoosh) – [Barry Lewis] Yeah, I told you Stuart, it's not healthy to eat a four year old tin of beans Hi, everyone, hope you're well

Welcome to Kitchen Gadget Testing 46! That was a seven, Kitchen Gadget Testing 46 How the heck have we done this many, wow! Now, first up as always you can probably recite this bit in your sleep already But please consider commenting down below that some of these gadgets can help people with disabilities before being going, "That's rubbish!" All right? Because we've got a good mix today, I'm actually really excited for this video We've got some really useful ones and one epic, nostalgic, novelty moment I'm so, oh my gosh! This is an apple, aka a pomme

This is a pomme de terre, It's basically an apple called Terry I think terre is ground, apple of the ground Go see chicken of the cave from Anchorman 2 We're gonna need this in a bit But first up, an absolutely genius thing that I've seen

I've not tried it out yet, very excited for this Oh, this from OXO Good Grips, ching ching, is called the Quick Release Apple Corer This is genius, if it works So when it comes to coring apples here in the house we actually have a favourite one particularly for the kids This is one where you can sit your apple down, well if it's got a tail that is, sit it the other way round, push it down and it will segment it for you

From time to time we just want to core the apple so we will use this one, the standard corer Which is kind of what this one, as we'll come to in a minute, replaces Go in like that Okay, so you go through, you pull out your core Yeah, not bad, but then it's always this

I actually sometimes push through there and you're hitting the serrated edge which is really dangerous I don't know if there's etiquette to getting this bit out Because you kind of go like that and you snap, look You snap a stump off like that, what do you do? I'm genuinely, if this is just user error, which of course we know it can be (laughs) I don't mind! It might make this redundant

We don't know if this works yet But this is a 100% legitimate what I do at home I'll get like a, I am at home! What am I talking about? This is my, do I live here? I get a chopstick and just push it out like that Which isn't bad, that's why I don't hate it But sometimes I have found myself just doing that without a chopstick, with my finger

And catching it on a blade So this is hopefully where this comes in And straight from the bat you can see it's got a bit of a wider circumference Yeah, line up the corer with the centre of the apple, squeeze the handle, and insert into apple Okay, ready? Squeeze, and it's in, and it's locked as one, like that

In we go Ooh, I don't like that feel Because you still want to twist it, don't you? Let's try it this way, there we go, there we go Ooh, boom You like that? Straight out, holding tight of it

And then hopefully, I did have a bowl here for a reason (thud) Huh? How cool is that? It's taken out a massive, like a crater that is Hello So that's your difference, yeah it's taken out quite a gap But you can see like, if you're in a hurry, you're making an apple pie, you could just go like that, straight in, boom, like that

Uh! Yeah Folks, there are two things in this world that can scare off vampires Garlic and a fawn pug (grunting) Yeah (kissing) Disclaimer, the pug might not be true

Which is why if you are gonna release a novelty item in the world of garlic chopping, you're gonna call it The Gracula, aren't you? Yes you are Saw this in a shop the other day I was out, actually, trying to buy some swim shorts Ended up buying no swim shorts, bought four gadgets (laughing) Gracula Garlic Twist

One twist of his head and he'll crush your garlic to smithereens (evil laughing) I was gonna dress up for that bit but the budget doesn't stretch that far Well I'm gonna wash it and then we'll test it Bit close weren't it Right, you know how you get your skins off

There's a gadget for that, but of course (shaking) (funky music) See that? We gave our garlic a skin head Okay, so I've given this a wash and there was nothing else in the box at all It was basically that, something holding it in place And there's a base to it which is like its cloak, and that's his head

That's the bit that sort of serrates See, we're gonna put the garlic in there It's got a little central spindle thing, and it's these plastic blades which are just ultimately, as we go like that, it's gonna crush it (evil laughing) It does feel quite small capacity, I will say that from the off And the box does actually say, "Place the garlic clove

" So I wonder if it just does one at a time So we'll go for a fairly large one We'll stick that in there, you see? Like that, we've just gotta make sure that you've lined the circle up It's probably gonna crush it anyway Let's have a little listen

No, it didn't (laughs) It's in, okay, it's in So now we twist back and forth (funky music) Well, at first it was crushing loads but I can't hear any more now I'm just enjoying spinning round Dracula's head, really

It's quite fun Now I possibly would have liked it if they kind of felted out the bottom But I think they might have got around that because it might not be amazing, because it could get stuck So let's have a look You look for me, I haven't looked yet

That's pretty good There's a few bits up there that you could just brush off with a little silicon brush or something like that, little pastry brush I like that, let's put two in there Oh, let's live dangerously, let's load it up Because I think it'll be all right

So you really push it down just to get the circle in (grunting) Oh, actually now there's four cloves in there isn't there? (funky music) And don't worry, folks, I'm not being paid to promote this or any other gadgets If I ever do, I'll disclaim that You can count on me (ba dum tiss drum sound) Sorry, my battery just died on my microphone so I had swap that over there

Maybe you hopefully didn't see a difference there We're popping it out, boom So we can definitely do more than one bit of garlic But there we go, that's done, I like it a lot If you do like the gadgets so far in this video, or any of the others, if you look in the description there should be a link to buy that gadget if you wish to, and Amazon is so kind that they'll actually give me 0

01% of any referrals that I give, which is great because that helps pay for a garlic bulb Basically, yeah (laughing) This is a bit of a weird one, I don't know if you have the shop TK Max in your country, but we have one literally around the corner from where we live, and that is an absolute gold mine for random products in general I was in there about three weeks ago, and I spotted this thing It was 7

99, click that link (laughing) It's a guided chopping board, so this is basically, the packaging is supposed to imitate a knife, okay, it's just cardboard Fits any knife That's not I knife, where's Mik Dundy when I need him? Dishwasher friendly, and BPA free I don't know what that means, but I like it

(plastic pealing) Ooh, satisfying (suspenseful music) I am Courgette-Man So, I'm gonna try this with the cardboard one first of all, we set the knife in there, we clamp it in, and we should be able to go like that See how that moves? All right, so this is obviously quite dangerous, I'm highly trained Disclaimer, all those disclaimer things, be careful, seriously, please be careful

This is a very, very sharp knife Get it flush, all right, we really want it to clamp on those discs there, don't we There we go, is that in? I can pull it out, oh that's a bit pants, aint it? Nah, see that just pulled out of it Look! I'm gonna use a blunter knife, this will take things off Just got a slightly different knife, it's coming out

Yeah, that is not a good grip at all, but hey-ho, we've got good movement, you can sort of strafe, and it's coming out It's coming out (laughing) No, if you take it over the notch, it seals it really well, but then it's like it doesn't wanna to be there (snap) How has that affected the clamp? (laughing) It's popped it over, okay But that's okay, we go, like this

Yes, it's moving, but look, it's coming out I need this for some ratatouille tonight But the reason I talked about the pomme de terre, earlier at the start of the video was because I was thinking, we could use this gadget, right, we can use this, and really make the most accurate french fries (laughing) All so like, like a T-Rex trying to cut a potato It doesn't feel comfortable, it doesn't feel natural, it feels, it does feel unsafe

Yeah, I think that a much better manufacturer could probably make a decent version of this if it doesn't exist, with like measurements on it and stuff like that as well It's got a good potential, but I think it's also a scary device Well I've got herbs actually, try herbs Let's try herbs If you wanna feel like you're a pro, (chopping) (laughs) Yeah, I mean that's pretty fun

But that wants to come out, look, it wants to come out You want to come out The one other thing I had an idea for it, is right behind your ear, ah, cheers Cheers for the cheese This kind of reminded me as well, when I saw it, of like, you know you get this flashy cheese cutters with the wires, kind of like that

So how you could go like that and get really accurate slice of cheese no you couldn't, because it's popping out, its, (gasps) it's actually, it's broke! See this here, (snaps) that seal, look, look see, that bit there, that is coming off But my plan was to turn it into some amazing sort of funky, accurate cheese slicer, I need to take it a bit closer No, then it gets caught on there (grunts) And then it's breaking everywhere I'm gonna leave this block of cheese for the kids and Mrs

B because they love him I can't stand him A bit like this gadget As you guys know, it was my birthday last week, and actually this time last year somebody bought me, for my birthday, a pack of beer Just a friend was like, "Hey, some beers

" These actually have a shelf life, I didn't realise, of less than a year Not that you should leave them that long, they've just been out in the garage, and they've had cobwebs on, I've given them a wash this morning, but that's fine, we need them I need four, really This, by Joseph Joseph, is the BarWise Any way magnetic bottle opener

I saw this and I was like, "Wow, yes" Catches caps as you open, which I really like the idea of This is not my favourite bottle opener Oh no, that goes to these babies These are some flip-flops I've had for blooming years, I think they're made by Reef, I need to get some new ones actually

It got an air bubble in it and everything, but, flip them upside down, boom, two bottle openers! So, you can soldier on, and be the sole of the party If you wanna beer, the only thing is (popping) you'll smell a bit of feet, don't it? Never really thought of that, but they're brilliant Not magnetic though, and they can't, according to this, do four at once See that bottom diagram? Four at once, that's why I've got four bottles out I'm not actually gonna wash this, I'm gonna live life dangerously

It's very light, it's almost like a pen with no ink in it Does that move, no, okay Does that even move down, no (laughs) Durable stainless steel opening edge, okay, that's this bit, holds up to four bottle caps (bottle cap popping) Huh, look at that

(sniffs) Musky Ah, still tastes the same, actually But apparently, we can do up to four in one go, because of the magnet on there, look at that (laughs) (bottle caps falling) Whoops I'll just see if I can pick it up

(laughs) Yes! Oh, beautiful But it says, you can get up to four on there, let's see if we can do it Come on All right, well It blooming well can

I actually thought this is gonna be rubbish It's so simple, it doesn't do anything, it's so lightweight, but that's an absolute charm And as much as I would love to just drink four beers on the camera, I'm gonna finish this video with a very nostalgic drink, but before that, I think you're gonna love this (banging noise) You might remember recently, I found the one-touch, one touch, the one touch jar opener (whirring) Oh my gosh, was that good

Ladies and gents, I give to you, the One Touch can opener It's basically the same looking thing, I think it's from a different brand actually, I mean it might not be, but it looks very similar, two year guarantee, it opens tin cans So to open a tin can, for some people who might be like, (mocking impression) but this can hopefully really help people This handy gadget opens cans effortlessly with just one touch Press the button to start, then press it again to stop

This one you actually have to do a little bit, the other one you literally just went, boop, step away (whirring) What the? It blew my mind And there it is, it is literally like a little mouse I browse the Internet, oh look at this guy testing a can opener I'm sure you must get variations of these tins in your country, when I was actually in my late teenage years, I was kind of like living off of this on toast before I started really wanting to learn how to cook

(laughs) There's some strange concoctions inside of these, I can't believe they still make them But my point is, this is a, in this tin, there is no ring pull on it, as we discovered the other week, maybe that is sort of like a budget cost thing But we stick this on, and we press the button I don't think I need to touch it, okay, that was my concern (laborious whirring) I tell you what, it's blooming going round it

It's dancing, it's making the most of its camera time (funky music) (laughs) It just wants to keep going It stopped, has it stopped? (laborious whirring) It's going the other way now, stop, yeah, stop Boom How cool is that? I think if we had kept it going it would have kept going round and round and round

My thing's coming off, I'm not unhappy about that Oh, sorry mate, do you want to lick it? Are you trying to lick it, stop it No, it's not real I do love how sort of neatly, safely as well, it's taken that lid off, because you know when you sort of do it yourself, you're left with a fairly sharp edge This is perfect, it's just coming straight, almost like the opposite of when they put it in the factory, they press these on, we're just taking it off, baby

I wanna have a bit of a scenario, so with the ring pull opener, which I actually gave away to a relative that would help them massively, because that was good But a scenario where say, oh, I've got my ring pull, (snapping) I can't do it now, can I Oh, there you go Oh, I broke my ring pull, oh no It's okay, I've got my One Touch can opener

I'm gonna stick it down here, and line it up You literally just, actually what you do, sit it on, and pull it tight (whizzing) It takes a while, you have to really rev it up (jolly music) (high pitched whirring) I do love the fact I'm not touching it Okay

Ooh, oh my gosh, because it took the outer edge off of it, brilliant So there you go, your ring pull ever breaks, you got one of these in your pocket, just fire it up Love it Now, last up, we have some nostalgia Ladies and gents, there was a time where I used to attend a convenience store, small shops, on a daily basis, and stare in wonder at a particular machine

It was, of course, the Slush Puppy I actually bought this last year, I'm gonna do a video hopefully with Stuart sometime, called "Will it Slush Puppy?" All right, but yeah, I bought it, and it was like, "Yeah, that's cool" And I went in the shop where I got it from, and now, the branding is gone It's just called like an ice slushy maker So of course you can still get slushies now, but I don't know, if the kids these days, they don't know what they're missing out on, you're missing out, potentially, on Slush Puppy

There was something about the eyes on the pooch, it kind of transfixed you like, I just, I can have a chocolate bar but I want a Slush Puppy It was just insane, the most sugary icy drink you can think of, the syrups which has come with this gadget just entice you, oh my God! And then you have some (sips) like, sort of like chunks, little shards of ice, not completely broken down, not smooth, but chunks, slushy, you know what I'm talking about But this thing, yeah, and these syrups combined, will basically transfer the colour of your tongue, to various illuminous colours We've got red cherry to enhance the rouge, the rouge "Hello mate, you want some rouge?" French again, of your tongue, red cherry or blue raspberry, I mean that was the one, if you wanted a blue tongue, you got a Slush Puppy

Hopefully we can replicate that today For generations, people all over the world have enjoyed unforgettable Slush Puppy Slushies are memorable days out, and now you can finally have this iconic machine in your home That sits in there, and that goes basically up on there, and we've got a dispenser handle somewhere, I actually don't know where that's gone, (laughs) oh it's this side, oh look it's on the actual thing Oh, there it is, there we go

Oh, so it sits in there That's how you set it up And on the side here, off, and then if you wanna dispense your drinks or you wanna mix it, so we're gonna mix it first, then we're gonna dispense it Okay, it could get a bit noisy straight away, because it says it's best to have the mix on straight away, before you start adding anything So, that's this side

(loud mixer) (laughs) It's quite loud, sorry Right, so we half fill this canister with ice, see that, now we use this thing, and get two caps full of salt It's a good job I've gotten quite a lot of salt on hand One, two, add in 40 mls of water One, really don't wanna be touching these ice cubes now, two, three, just wash that away a little bit with the water

All right, where are we at, where are we at, I should be mixing, I'm not Fit the inner cap to the lid, right, okay Slowly pour your syrup mixture through the syrup in the located at the rear right of the lid, so here So we're going for blue raspberry, as I fill it up, it should sort of go into here, ah there you go Mix

(loud mixing noise) The ice, is gonna start to crystallise this, it's gonna all mingle together, but it's gonna take 15 to 20 minutes Basically like when you're whipping up meringue, and you get stiff peaks, that is the kind of look we're waiting for, it's gonna freeze, it's that point where its kinda like curdy, like making waves, you know But it has made me realise that as a child, I was basically just drinking very strong syrup, with some ice in it, and salt Right, we're already 10 minutes in, and the level of the ice has dropped massively to like nearly a third of the way down now, that's all So it says to top it up with the ice as well

(funky music) (straining motor sounds) Okay, make sure you don't over fill it Update folks, that was half an hour I've taken the canister out, I didn't want it to disturb your lunch with the sounds of grinding of Slush Puppy – [Mrs Barry] Okay

– [Barry] Just for 10 minutes, I'm putting the bucket in there, and I've got loads more ice, oops, and you know what, I think I might actually whizz it outside Not outside, but in this room here is really warm, but through there is cold, so I'm pour and do it in there All right, so here is our much cooler laundry room, we're making Slush Puppy by the drier and the iron Right, so whilst the thing's out there whizzing around, – [Mrs Barry] Tell me if I'm doing this right

– [Barry] Yeah, hold it together Twist it as you turn – [Mrs Barry] Twice? – [Barry] Twist it, yeah, so right, you see, yeah? – [Mrs Barry] Okay, I've got it

– [Barry] And now, pull it out but keep twisting it And now let go of it – [Mrs Barry] Ah, so you don't have to stick your finger in to get it, push it out, nice – [Barry] Yeah, that's good isn't it? – [Mrs

Barry] Very clever – [Barry] What did you just say to me? – [Mrs Barry] How am I gonna eat my apple? – [Barry] How are you gonna eat your apple? – [Mrs Barry] I now may hold it like that – [Barry] Yeah but you can eat it, there's nothing there now

– [Mrs Barry] But is it just not all gonna fall apart, as I eat it? – [Barry] No it's, the core's gone isn't it, but you can still eat the whole apple – [Mrs Barry] I've got nothing to hold onto, like no grip – [Barry] Folks, it has been another hour, so much so that Mrs

Barry will be home from work in another hour, so what I'm gonna do, I've stopped it, I'm gonna put the canister in the freezer, like it's an ice cream maker, for an hour and a half at least When the kids come home from school, hopefully I can make it work, so we can share the joy of Slush Puppy The kids and Mrs Barry are due home any moment now, so, let's get whizzy (loud mixing noise) There we go, everything's under control

Okay, let this be a lesson to all of you Read instructions fully This syrup needs to be diluted, very very small print, and doesn't really mention it in the main instruction It just says add the syrup, that's my excuse Mix five parts water to one part syrup

I didn't mix the five parts, so 20% of it should be the syrup, I've gone 100% Right, so I've got the syrup there out, the rest is empty, 200 mls in there, up to a litre in there, water, yeah let's do it All right, that looks a bit more less sugary (laughs) I was saying there earlier on the video I was like, "Yeah, it's quite a lot of sugar in these Slush Puppies, isn't there?" (laughs) – [Mrs Barry] Where do I pour this then? – [Barry] Let's take that, pour it in

Pour all the way in, yeah, we're going the opposite way Now we sit this in, ice goes in, and it's all, the good thing is, I love how you're kind of like emerging from a blender thing (laughs) Hello, what do you think Mrs B? – [Mrs Barry] I think this is gonna work

– [Barry] So that sits on there, that's it Cap back on, and we're back in business (mixing noise) Look, look, look, that was 20 minutes later, Look at the texture on it, look at it Girls, I think we've got slush – [Older Girl] Yes! – [Barry] Ready, the dispense is killing me

Are you hidden, Becky, look at your arms, right beside of the(laughs) – [Mrs Barry] Should I go like that? – [Barry] Yeah, look a human Slush Puppy

There you go, all right, right we turn the handle Oh, look at that! Look, oh my God, brain freeze, ooh – [Younger Girl] I see your tongue? – [Barry] My tongue? It's not bad, I can't believe it worked – [Mrs Barry] Did it work? – [Barry] Well, it has worked, it's slushy

– [Mrs Barry] Brain freeze – [Barry] You have brain freeze? May I see your tongue? There it is, blue tongue I would formally like to apologise to Slush Puppy and the manufacturers of this machine for trying to basically freeze syrup for my entire day Another Kitchen Gadget Testing video in the bag, that one was the nostalgic one that took up a long old time hasn't it, the rest were good

I loved that bottle cap opener, I loved the can opener, really cool ones today, I set links down below, now have a barrel of fun, check out the rest of them I think these guys are in slushy dam (slurps) – [Barry] Bye! (rap music) – [Barry] I have a blue tongue (laughs) Don't touch that, stay away from the Slush Puppy That's good parenting

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