Kitchen Gadget Testing #45


– Ah! Oh my gosh my bum Urgh

Oh my Gosh (upbeat music) Hello everybody, hope you're well Welcome to kitchen gadget testing number 45 ♪ Kitchen gadget testing 45 ♪ Yes, which means I have done 44 episodes before being able to use that pun Yeah

As always please consider before commenting down below that some of these can help people with disabilities and are genuinely useful gadget No this isn't really a gadget, check this out This is called the Caddy Sink Tidy which is amazing because as you guys have probably seen in videos here Especially when I tend to film the sink, I tend to just have stuff left here on the side The washing up bottle and the blue cloth on the side

We don't really have a problem with that, but with this caddy I think we can make it organised and fun, so if this genuinely is any good I've not really got a way of testing it, if you just see it in future videos you'll know it's pretty good So yeah it's called The Caddy so it's kind of like your kitchen assistant, like an assistant on a golf course, that's what a caddy is I actually don't know what the definition of what the meaning of the word caddy is – [Siri] A small storage container, typically one with divisions

– All right, I never knew that, so the actual meaning of a caddy, forget golf, is pretty much what this is This is basically it, so it is a caddy plastic storage system, you've got little standy things there You've got a little hanger In fact I am gonna try and replicate, this is our genuine washing up brush See it's got a little bit of split ends, probably need to get a new one soon

That slots in there, and the washing up liquid goes in there And then, I actually bought some sponges, I'm so excited, that sits in there so it's got a lip on it, any water will excess into there You can sit this there Oh got to make it look the same, upside down like that, very nice That's blimmin awesome

(laughs) So let this be the moment that we christen The Caddy (angelic music) Oh look at that, that is amazing Mrs Barry gets really precious about all this stuff so I have a feeling she probably won't like the fact the soap is now up on the shelf Just keep your eye on future videos You know what I'm thinking right now, I am thinking if only there was a way to bake chocolate brownies so that they come out and you don't have to slice them, and they're individually sliced to equal portions

This is as seen on TV product Okay, let's not worry yet, stick with it This is the Perfect Brownie Set, like in As Seen on TV where they chuck in a bonus thing, I've got a gooey chewy recipe guide, which of course we're not gonna use We're gonna use some Cretty Bocker mix, but I also have, plus, 10 decorative stencils And I kid you not, this is how it arrived

So you see how bent that box is, and smashed to bits It was like the delivery driver was just like, yeah, having a bad day It feels very lightweight, doesn't feel very mmm and expensive And also for the size of the box I was expecting it to be enormous, there we go Hey-ho, you noticed they're starting to do that with breakfast cereal at the moment as well

The box is massive and they go family pack on it, and you actually take the bag out of the box right, do it, if one of you guys actually spot that as well, send me a picture on Twitter, I'll retweet it And literally, say this is the cereal, you take your bag out, and even in the bag the cereal starts down there, it's mental This is the grid thing I quite like the fact that it's got these handles on it, like that, that's good It sits in there like that, so we go woo

The sound will be optional, woo You'll never use a knife to slice brownies again I will, that's not right, that's not a true statement is it at all, I will use a knife to slice brownies I may never use this again The perfect brownie serving tray becomes the sweetest party serving tray

So this is literally a tray to serve it on at the end, that's it Actually really, really disappointed that my gooey chewy recipe guide and the decorative stencils do not appear to be here They're not So this is just a basic pack of brownie mix, I'm gonna make double the quantity just in case because I can always make extra brownies So that's just water, oil and eggs

All right so I'm pre-heating my oven to 160c fan, 180c, gas mark four Push the batter in So we take this bit, it's quite rigid, press this down, oh wow, that is awesome I kinda want to do it again just to show you how cool that looked Look, so it's kind of like this, and as I lower it down, watch, watch, watch

Ah! (laughs) What do we think, is this gonna work? Not sure, brilliant, thanks It's only been about a couple of minutes in the oven, I've already got smell, the waft of baked brownies in the kitchen, I'm not mad about that So whilst that is baking away, let's do a little quirky one shall we Oh thanks This, (laughs), I don't know what this is

Can you see that, it's called Heart De Range Cook I think it's from china Use microwave oven to make cute heart shaped fried eggs So simply to make fried eggs Is there anything good, (laughs), oh my gosh, do you see this

I thought it was some sort of recycling sign but it says is there anything good to happen, with an exclamation mark, not a question mark Is there anything good to happen! Smash an egg shell, brilliant, put its content in each heart shaped tray separately, so it's a heart shaped microwave fried egg maker thing Cover the shell of the vessel, swing the button, wahey, on the vessel and set the ventilation hole in open position Prior to the heating use a toothpick to punch some small holes in the egg yolk it would avoid breakages of eggs, effectively there's actually a lot of useful tips on this to be fair All right, stop yolking around, let's crack on

All right, there you go, so we've got our heart shapes there for the four eggy egg holster really, and then this must be your lid, and this is like a ventilation hole, okay yeah So you can see it's got a little hole in the top and you turn it okay, just to let that steam in, or steam out Eggs in and then we prick the yolks I haven't seen this for a while, my eggs have got feathers on them Just to remind you that they've come from a chickens bum

There we go, well we've got two nice yolks, and two damaged ones So we'll put some holes in these, this doesn't make sense to me but by breaking it, few little holes in there, okay let's do two and two, or four, this is a sweetcorn holder Apparently by doing the holes in it it's gonna make it stop breaking My ventilation hole is swung open, two and a half minutes All right, so that has been two minutes

Oh my gosh, I love how it looks like a big egg as well There is now an interesting smell in the kitchen, a combination of the smell of brownies and egg My friend that I play tennis with in a doubles tennis league here in Somerset he has an egg sandwich before every game, it's a ritual, and I often get the fragrance of that during the games Thanks Zack Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye

Ah Okay, (laughs), all right I think these are done Just gotta work out how to get the thing out Oh come on, can I get under it, come on

(laughs) Look at that, yeah Imagine there's no better way to say I love you then with a fried, microwave fried, heart egg There we go, you can see the holes there as well (laughs) That's quite clever, so let's go for one of the ones that we split when we poured it in, and that yolk is hot but also quite solid and cooked through Wow this smells amazing

It's all right though, it's cooked All right, but these ones here that didn't break, I've got a small glimp of hope here Oh no, (laughs), it looked so glossy and runny on the top like that, no, no, it's definitely, I mean my wattage is quite low on my microwave, so that has also just completely solid up the yolk, which I don't like hard boiled egg like that I like a nice runny yolk you know That works

(oven beeping) The brownies, ow, oh! Oh my gosh, look at that So normally when I get something out the oven I'd get out my flexible trivet, which was from a gadget video quite a while ago, which are amazing but I don't need to do that Because I've got my thing I've got the perfect brownie serving tray, which becomes the sweetest party serving tray Yes, that's it

So I've got, I don't know if I trust that And that is it, on there, just like that So I'm gonna let these cool down, gonna close my oven 'cause it's letting out a lot of heat, and it's getting very hot in here, and we'll do another gadget One of the most popular things I get asked about is, oh my gosh my bum Opening, not my bum no

Things that can help people open tins and cans, a variety of different things Now to date my favourite one is the one that did it automatically for us That one was a little bit more expensive, and they do other variations, which I've got loads upstairs It does have batteries as well, so it's things like that, that may be not as convenient for people just to have something maybe like this in your drawer When you get a ring pull thing, there's actually some hacks, you can use a standard can opener and it's got

Bare with me, I'll see if I can do it Yeah I saw that the other day, so this bit on a standard can opener has got a little notch that you can actually do that with by the way Which kind of makes this gadget redundant Ideal for people who suffer with arthritis Large handle ideal for users with poor grip, little effort required, simple operation

So obviously because it's longer like that, it's designed for that purpose You're gonna get the leverage, and it is sort of ribbed, it's got a grip on it Okay, so first up, I wanna be able to get in there, oh there we go, I'm in, that's cool I was gonna say that kind of, to even get any sort of lift on it, some people would struggle with that So this goes in, and then we

Oh wow, we go like that, and then we go the other way I guess Huh! Can you get the whole thing off Urgh (laughs) Just got baked beans all over me And the caps coming flying off

I've got beans on the cupboard That's okay because I can go like this I've got two others cans here, so let's kind of have a race Ladies and gents this is the Great British baked bean tin opening off thing We're gonna time it

We'll start with the normal tin opener, okay Ready, steady go (bouncy blues music) 132 seconds to open a standard tin with this tin opener, that is quicker then the electric automatic one, though not as cool And you know what, the first time I did this wrong anyway

You don't need to spin it around, you just do it from the one side like that You ready, go Oh god Five seconds That's 13 seconds, so that's eight seconds more of you're life that you're not opening tins of beans

How cool was that I didn't need to take that, it's off I didn't need to take it off, it's there I think that's amazing, so people that have arthritis and things like that, struggle to open, this is really cool and it's really, really cheap This next one is called the Topster

It's basically a milk pourer Fits most plastic milk bottle with reusable, easy to use and eliminates drips with greater control So you replace the lid of your milk bottle, or your cap, primarily plastic ones, with a pourer In the UK plastic milk bottles, very, very common indeed, as we found out with the hacks video, with the carton of milk, very hard to get cartons these days, but I'll just take my milk and I'll pour it like that, obviously this bit is the seal that goes, but then, and you put that on there, and you stick it back in your fridge Mm, milk

So we're roll playing now, I want some more milk We'll take my lid off, oh, I've forgot, I've lost my lid I can't believe it, but I've got my Topster So this goes in, my rubber seal is in there It goes down and we, ooh that is a nice tight seal

So let's try it Okay, there's a little bit of spillage there Could be user error But to be fair, yeah there we go, that's good So that's, that's on there pretty good

But then you can open it like this It's like an udder It's udderly ridiculous Yeah, that's pretty good Oh my gosh

We're gonna finish by spinning a salad in a minute, but for the salad we might wanna slice up some vegetables, and you might have a blunt knife That's where this comes in, this is the Bavarian Edge This is not in English at all What stood out for me on the video was they said that this thing is so good at sharpening things that you can actually a sharpen a credit card, or whatever card and slice things with that I've gotta try that

(plastic creaking) Ooh, I love that noise So we're gonna put it through there, and it's gonna sort of, I don't know, kind of like have contractions Sorry ladies, but that's what it's gonna do, it's gonna find the perfect cut on it So we're gonna stick this in, I'm gonna try to do it at an angle so I stay safe I push this in, (blade grinding) ooh, did you hear that, that sounded nasty

Oh that's good That is actually sharper Okay, cool All right, so let's start with something nice like a courgette Yes, that, it feels good

Oh wow, yes, that is very good It feels, you know it's sharp because it's very accurate on the cut, it's not bending, it's going straight through Oh yeah, I'm just gonna, this is a very basic knife I'm gonna show you, there's some knives on Amazon that I bought called Zelite Infinity knives, a lot of people asked me about that You know there's good when they come in a whole sort of Samurai sword pouch, but this thing is just, it's just so sharp

That's why I keep it in the cupboard, away from the kids Oh my gosh, I think I've found my perfect combo This thing is aggressive though Wow (sneezes) Look, that's how good these are

They aren't even paying me to say that are they (cries) But the main thing, the reason I've got that thing, I actually like my other one, it's quite big to go in the drawer You can sharpen cards on it Oh right yeah, this has expired Got an RAC breakdown card from nine years ago

It might surprise you I've never tried slicing anything with a card anyway So let's just try it I mean look, you can actually do it, right Yeah, I mean it's Emily Blunt but, that's when this comes in Right let's sharpen it this way

That is not a knife, that's not a knife But that is much better, it's almost got some friction on it, or some bite A little bit of sharpness, it's working (laughs) All right okay, so if you're MacGyver or Bear Grylls, or whoever, you're in the middle of nowhere, but you've got your Bavarian Edge in your pack with your water bottle, that is it, and one bank card, and you find a tomato You could technically slice a tomato and a courgette

A carrot, (gasps), look at that (laughs) The last gadget today is a salad spinner I don't think I've ever spun a salad before, but you should This ones a legitimate salad spinner, that you go like that with If only we had a pile of vegetables round the corner there that had been sliced by debit card

Nice little lid, bit of packaging, you've got your nest thing that you put your salad in, very nice Not only is that quite compact, it locks in place quite nicely, there's a bit stop button, and whenever you see a big button that says stop you've gotta press it, just like the button that says do not press, you're like Whoop, whoop, sorry (laughs) It's got actual brakes on it, I love that, I didn't know salad spinners have brakes on it, maybe this is unique to this one Let's spin some salad

(bouncy blues music) Just getting used to it now Gonna use generic sort of bistro salad things that you get from the supermarket And right there is a glass of water with some olive oil at the top, you might be able to just see the top layer there, and also this is some red wine vinegar, and I put that in there So some flavour, some moisture, see I'm getting excited, I've never spun a salad Get that in, the only thing I'm not getting right now is a way of locking it in place

That would be really good right now All right, so let's spin a salad Oh my God, whoops Let's do some role play, I know I'm spinning my salad but then I need to sneeze Stops it

(sneezes) Yeah, that's the only reason why I think you'd need the brake on it, but that works Open sesame I love that, look, it's all been pushed like the fairground ride (yells) And it's all nice and fresh and crisp, and the ingredients are mingled, and I've got that really dodgy oily vinegar dressing that I just bodged, all scattered on there And the pepper, it's nice, I like that a lot

That's really cool Just about to try these brownies now, but like I said at the start of the video if you've missed any of the gadget videos I highly recommend like many other people do go back to number one and watch the rest of the playlist, have a full on Barathon There's individual gadget videos too, like the smoker I did last week, plus 1500 other videos here on the channel So if you try and recipes do tag me in your attempts If you know anyone that you think would like the videos do me a favour and tell them about the channel, and subscribe if you haven't already, and that's about it guys

I think I should eat some brownie now Shall we see if we can get this out Oh my gosh, they're gooey (laughs) Look, I can take the whole lot out like that Um, okay some of them are falling off and some of them aren't

All right here we go, oh no, come on now They're all right once you get them out Look at that, all right What's happening is because this is quite a gooey mix, where they're quire fudgy, they're sticking to the actual sides, so I would spray it with oil next time, it's not fully non-stick but Maybe just snap them out like that, that kind of works

Yeah Brownies Hope you enjoy the video, and hope you found some useful gadgets Do share it with anyone that you think it might be useful for them Mm, and I'll see you next time, bye

♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ No matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchens for me ♪ ♪ Simon's moustache, goatee, maybe all three ♪ – All right – Hello – You've come home for lunch – Yes and I'm washing up – [Barry] And I come down and you're washing up

Is there a reason for this? – I want to try this out – [Barry] The caddy, are you serious, you like it? – I do like it, I do, thank you – [Barry] All right, you don't wanna eat lunch then on your lunch break – I will in a minute – [Barry] Just got to use the caddy first

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