Huawei is in every new smartphone! Phones shipping with

Huawei is in every new smartphone! Phones shipping with Android 13 will require a Huawei tech

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Since it was no longer possible to entrust TSMC to manufacture Kirin chips in 2019, Huawei mobile phones have been in decline. The P50 series and nova9 series released last year are all 4G mobile phones, and the use of 5G networks has to rely on third-party…


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  1. I really hopes to see the collapse of USA.
    Really wish the world have no nonsense sanctions anymore.

  2. Talk shit on HWAWEI but still use HWAWEI tech! Hypocrite as fuck Google. Your fall is near.

  3. An American company copying a Chinese company. Who'd have thought?!

  4. Hurry up Huawei, get the graphene chips out and break the duopoly of Android and iOS.

  5. Contact Chinese government stop selling Rare Earth minerals too USA will immediately make sure that they're broke.

  6. Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 Savilaa.Uno qualification m.l.t medical lab technicianp ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

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