Gadget Racers (Choro Q HG) Walkthrough Part 23 Great Stadium Marathon


Next, we need to grind more money We're going for the final set of upgrades in the game

I recall that we haven't cleared the dir challenges yet We'll keep racing here until I get 18,000G for the Hero Engine I'm switching to the big tires I will keep using the FF layout, though While 4WD is great in the dirt, it's too understeer-heavy for my liking

Here goes So far, so good With all these crashes, the endurance races here will be hellish

2nd place I need to find a way to stop jumping and skidding around The podium finish does open the silver Dirt Big event, however I'll do that race and see if I can do any better That brake actually stopped the jumping

Hmm I actually win It seems I have found an entirely different way for me to drive off-road in this game

This should be enough I get a BMW X5 Next Hero Engine is the best engine in the game We can use this to clear the endgame

We still have to buy a new chassis The current one we use isn't going to survive the HG Grand Prix We'll test out our new engine in a duel Our car has become a plane, apparently Similar to the Black Shadow, our rival this time is incredibly fast

Unlike racers in the normal races, this guy will also take all the major short cuts available to beat you Consistency is the key to win here Minimize the crashes and take the shortcuts with the wings Braking before reaching a jumping spot seems to really help with the landing I'll use this technique to counter jumping from now on

This went better than expected, thanks to the new engine Alright I win We get a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 out of that duel Nice

I'll spend the rest of the video clearing Great Stadium races I need as much money as possible to get a new chassis Don't think you are faster than others here because you have the best engine Great Stadium is the kind of track that slows you down horribly if you crash a lot I need to go as smoothly as possible to win this one

Finally We get Isuzu Vehicross More bodies to come Everybody in Dirt HG uses Hero Engine, I believe That's a good start

Let's keep this up That jump may have caused me a problemhere I win Nice

We get a Land Rover 109 Series III, one of the tougher looking cars That's it for this video See you

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