(ENG) Steins;Gate Future Gadget Radio Drama 6


Mayuri: Tuturu! It's Mayushii Come on, come on

Chris-chan too Kurisu: Eh? Tuturu! Makise Kurisu here

Mayuri: It's rather embarrassing, Chris-chan Kurisu: Me too Suzuha: Come on now, this isn't the time to be embarrassed Faris: That's right, nya Everyone has been waiting, nya

Luka: Anyway, let's explain the current situation Mayuri: Oh, yeah Uhyou know, actually Okarin has something to attend to for today Ah! Okarin! Okabe: What're you guys up to for starting the show on your own without me, the insane mad scientist? Kurisu: Hey! Hold it right there Not only are you the one who's late, ever since that incident, you're also nowhere to be seen until now

Suzuha: I agree! We've no choice but to start the show by ourselves Luka: UmOkabe-san, are you alright? Okabe: "Alright"? What do you mean by that? Just like I said previously, I went to retrieve a new gadget

And besides, I'm being targeted by the Organization so I can't risk bringing harm to you guys Kurisu: Didn't you mentioned about going to Teotihuacan previously? Mayuri: I'll say, Okarin's mama is happy that he's been staying diligently at home throughout the whole day It's such a rare occurrence Okabe: Ah, Mayuri! That's Kurisu: Hohoso you've been evading the manager by staying at home for the whole day

Faris: Kyouma! Okabe: I wasn't running away! I just wanted to have a change of environment, and I'm busy with the development of a new gadget! Moeka: A newgadget? Kurisu: Eh? So what? Where's the new gagdget that you've been talking about? Okabe: That will be

THIS! TUTURU! After spending many days of reading through various documents, I've finally completed this gadget! Faris: Nya nya? The contents inside the plastic bottle is for drinking, nya? Okabe: You're right on that I poured my heart and soul into making this new gadget, Demon's Elixir ! Kurisu: A drink? You? This isn't science It's chemistry Okabe: Be it science or chemistry, they're all the same thing Anyway, Assistant, how about giving this a try? Kurisu: But, I refuse

Okabe: What?! You're my assistant Don't you have the courage to be the first tester?! Kurisu: I'm not drinking that suspicious-looking liquid, and I'm not your assistant! Okabe: Then, part-time warrior! Suzuha: I'm not Nama-chan who just consumes any unknown substance (*Nama-chan (ナマちゃん ) was a gag serial by author Fujio Akatsuka) Okabe: In that case, I don't care who it is Is anyone feeling thirsty?! Luka: I-Ithink I'm Moeka: My throat

isn't dry Kurisu: Since it has come to this, why don't you try it on yourself? Okabe: No! I'm! Kurisu: Alright, fine! I'll drink it Okabe: What?! Faris: In that case, I'll join in too, nya Suzuha: Hold on Count me in too

Okabe: Wait! I think I should be the one to By all means, help yourself! Okabe: Be quiet! Damn you all! Guess I'll have to let Mayuri! Daru: I'm sorry for being late Okabe: Oh yeah, Daru I've been wondering what's missing, so it was you Daru: That's mean of you, Okarin

A lab without me is like an eroge game without the pervert contents Okabe: You can't call those kinds of games an eroge Daru: By the way, what's up with everyone? Explain to me within three sentences Okabe: Huh? You see, It's like this Daru: Before that, I'm feeling thirsty OhhhWhat's this? I'll drink this Faris: he drank it all, nya Daru: What is this? It tastes weird Okabe: Daru, did you feel anything? Daru: "Anything"? What do you mean by that? Okabe: Ohhhit seems to have failed Kurisu: Failed? Failed would mean thatAs I thought, you're trying to make us drink something weird! Okabe: It's not weird! That's a very potent Mayuri: Okarin! Okarin! Okabe: What is it? Mayuri: Look! Daru is

Okabe: What?! Moeka: U-Um Suzuha: H-Hey! Hashida Itaru, are you alright?! Okabe: Daru! Daru: OoooooOkaOkaOka

rin Okabe: Wrong! I'm Hououin Kyouma! Kurisu: Hey! What're you saying at a time like this? Hashida, hang in ther! What're you doing? Daru: Okarin Okabe: Oh! What is it?! Daru: *Stares* Okabe: What's wrong with you, Daru?! Daru: Ohnow that I had a good look at Okarin

Okabe: Yes you look rather handsome Okabe: Yeah

Eh? Daru, what the hell are you saying? Daru: Why didn't I realize this until now? The ideal partner is right by my side all along Is thisa blindspot? Mayuri: Wow! Moeka: This is

Suzuha: Could this be what I think it is?! Okabe: D-Daru, stop messing around! Daru: I'm not messing around! Geez, I want to hug and lick you so badly right now Here I come! Okabe: Stop it! Don't come any closer! Daru: OKARIN!! Kisslet me give you a kiss!! Okabe: Stay away! Don't hug me! Daru: H-H-How mean of you, Okarin let me kiss! Okabe: Cease this at once! Faris: Could it be that drink from Kyouma was a love potion, nya? Kurisu: Are you trying to make us all drink that thing?! Okabe: No! I was just trying to create a drug that makes people follow my orders for a period of time Daru: Hey Okarin! Daru: Hey Okarin! Okabe: Huh? Daru: Why are you talking to other girls when you already have me! Okabe: It's not like that! Daru: Same goes for everyone Okarin is my destined soulmate

Don't even think of trying to get him! Okabe: What nonsense! Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't swing that way! Daru: Don't say it like that I love you so much, Okarin! *Lick* *Lick* *Lick* Okabe: Stop it! *Lick* *Lick* *Lick* Okabe: When I said stop I mean stop! Daru: Kiss kiss kiss Moeka: Got it

Okabe: Shining Finger, Don't take pictures! Y-Y-You guys quit staring and come help me! Kurisu: Help you? After what you've tried to pull? Suzuha: You reap what you sow Faris: I agree, nya Mayuri: It's indeed Okarin's fault this time Kurisu: Well, he will have to stay like this until the drug's effect wears out Okabe: And when will that happen?! Kurisu: How are we supposed to know about that? Okarin: No way

! Kurisu: Well then, I'm busy with the development of Time Leap Machine, so excuse me Suzuha: Uhthe manager will be mad if I don't return soon Faris: Faris has to go back too, nya Moeka: Well then, see you Mayuri: Mayushii also has cosplay costume to make

Luka: Let me help you with that Okabe: Y-YOU GUYS!! Daru: Well then, Okarin, let's venture to the world of sexual desires together! Okabe: S-Stop it

! Daru: Moe Moe Bang!! *Kiss*

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