a fresh new web framework is out

a fresh new web framework is out

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Fresh is a fullstack web framework for Deno that allows developers to build fast server-rendered webapps. It uses the “Islands Architecture” to limit JavaScript to specific components and can be deployed to the edge.

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  1. Time to do a Fresh "Hello World" project and add it to my CV 😀

  2. Web devs: "Let's build a website that reaches the sky." God: "Let there be many incompatible web frameworks." The web devs then scattered about the internet unable to build any websites.

  3. Typescript and server side… please force Class-based programming and we will have invented a very bad copy of Java 😀

  4. 20 years in full stack development. I am sick of all these things. Web is now a short lifespan app garbage.

  5. Or you use css, html & js. it's stable and there since 20 years you can be sure, that it gets unlimited updates till you dead.

  6. My question is, if Javascript is so fucked up from the begging, why there isn't another technology that replace it? Why it haven't been developed yet?

  7. If deno somehow removes unnecesary JS from the pages, i think desserves an applause, because anything that reduces Javascript does a good to the world.

  8. When I got my computer science degree years ago, we were always told anything that can be rendered in the browser should be rendered in the browser. Of course, bandwidth was at a premium at that time. It's just interesting to see how things have changed though I still personally code using the front side rendering concept and only perform crud operations on the back end.

  9. Hey Fireship, can you please do “Pascal in 100 seconds”? Would really mean a ton!

  10. I still like the approach of angular as a java developer it just feels right!

    I just can't get over the garbage of code writtten in one single javascript file where you css js and also html is present.

  11. I have personal sites started in Jekyll, next, eleventy and vue. And still no personal website

  12. Frameworks nowadays are like a different sort of ice cream.
    A ton to choose from, with fancy new ones being added.
    But ultimately people love the good old classics

  13. The story will come full circle and after 10 years we'll all gonna use PHP again.

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