Here we bring you this ingenious invention, It is an animated screen to place in the car window, with which we can express our mood through emojis, You will notice how fun it sounds is also very practical This fabulous device works by voice commands, while we are inside the car, whether we are parked, moving or in a traffic jam

Mojipic is controlled by an application installed on our smartphone, compatible with iOS and Android In addition, it offers the possibility of being controlled by voice commands through the assistants of these systems (Siri or Google Assistant) This turns out to make a lot of sense, since it will allow us to have greater road safety It has more than 1,500 emoticons and emojis, which are mostly animated, It also includes logos of sports teams, flags, logos, memes, among many other things If we get tired of the great variety offered by MojiPic, This offers us the possibility of including animated images and GIFs through the application Just upload the images from our phone or simply draw from it, later we can show our creation to everyone

Sometimes changing the tires of our car becomes a very complicated task, since the nuts tend to give problems or we don't have the right tool to do it This tool will undoubtedly become our best ally for this task, What turned out to be annoying and heavy, will become something easy and quick to do This innovative tool It has a designed design which is capable of loosening even the most resistant nuts, then it will be enough to slide the socket towards the center and quickly turn the loosened nuts When you purchase this product, 2 double-sided nut sockets will be included, adaptable to almost all cars today, It also has a socket extension for deeper nuts Its design allows you to store these items inside, This way we can count on them at all times

It should be noted that it is made with the best materials, to offer endurance and durability for a lifetime This fantastic tool is available on Amazon, Below in the description you have in purchase link Recharge your devices and those of your companions while traveling with this great car charger It offers multiple USB ports In fact, there are a total of five ports, So you can recharge everything you need simultaneously and safely

The device consists of 2 modules, one contains 2 USB ports (for example, for driver and co-driver) and the other module has 3 ports, which can be attached by a clip to a practical place inside the car to make it easily accessible for passengers in the rear seats The charger is available on Amazon, I leave you in link in the description If you are looking for an effective car dryer, stop looking, This compact and powerful car dryer is the tool you need Since it is perfect to dry your car after washing Quickly dry your car with the adjustable wind control, with an air power that you can regulate, that goes from 72 to 220 km / h

It comes with a 35 meter hose and 3 types of separate nozzles to clean It also has 3 temperature settings: From 15 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius With its double noise reduction filter system, The dryer remains very quiet while in use Weighing 3

5 kilograms, this wonderful artifact is the perfect car dryer Stayhold, it's a very simple accessory, created to help organize the things you keep in the trunk of the car, preventing them from rolling while the car is moving If you want to prevent your tools, purchases or what the car trunk contains, trip knocking back and forth, this simple accessory is the solution Stayhold, consists of organizing plastic barriers They adhere to the floor carpet of the trunk of the car with Velcro closures Stayhold comes in gray and orange colors to choose from and in regular and mini-sized presentations

Its compact design is storable and stackable with each other It is available on Amazon, you have the link in the description This innovative accessory is a headrest that will provide the co-pilot or companions, the necessary support to take a nap comfortably Once installed, the headrest is adjustable by simply pressing a button, so it is ideal for children to use from the age of five to their highest friends and family And when it's not in use, The headrest can be pushed up and back so that it does not obstruct its visibility

In addition, as if that were not enough, it is also suitable for airplanes, thanks to its adjustable seat handle This great headrest for the car can be purchased at Amazon, in link you have it below in the description This car charger, It is an emergency kit in disguise that can save you at the time you least imagine Within its elegant design, Hides a belt cutter that allows you to cut the seat belt in case it gets stuck And a special hammer to easily break the window of the door in case of emergency

When you are not using it for emergencies, You can use this charger to power up to 2 devices via USB It is available on Amazon, below in the description you have the link This is a small smart car tracking accessory Once installed in the car, You can see in real time from your smartphone, where your car is at all times And receive notifications of acceleration, braking, the speed at which the car circulates in real time, among other data

This accessory is a practical wooden hanger, which is placed on the back of the headrest You can hang from suits to jackets, coats and shirts, and it will remain firm and wrinkle free Fits all standard headrest brackets, and is designed to look aesthetically good without preventing driver visibility You have it available on Amazon, you have the link below in the description This cool accessory is a portable starter which is compact and lightweight enough to hold it comfortably in your hand, but powerful enough to start the car engine in case of emergency

It has several useful tools, among which you can highlight its powerful multifunction flashlight, power bank to charge our phone or other accessories, burglar alarm system, as well as useful outdoor tools such as compass The faculty that owns this fabulous gadget, is given by its three rechargeable batteries that add a power of 12 volts; which have the ability to start a car and also perform the aforementioned functions Thanks to its lantern-shaped creative design, We can easily adapt it to the cup holders, or carry it in the glove compartment very easily As an added value, It has a hidden escape tool and a belt cutter, in case it gets stuck To start the car engine in an emergency, just connect the tip of the jumper wires to the terminals (corresponding positive and negative) later we just have to start the car

Importantly, for the portable starter to work effectively, The car battery must have at least 50% of its life, This way the car will start without problems It should be noted that this great survival gadget, It has the SOS light function and is resistant to water, dirt and shock Thank you very much and see you next video! Don't forget to subscribe for more interesting videos See you soon!

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